What's in a Soul?


Above: a detail of one of my newest works inspired by mine and others questions about our and our loved ones' souls.

I often wonder what our souls look like.  

Do they stay the same? Are they ever changing, expanding? Are they intricate?  Gas-like?  Colorful?  Wisps of light?

I do think each of our souls is unique just like us.

Who can be sure?

Maybe we're all one collective, interconnected, forever weaving, all encompassing energetic soul.

As I worked on this artwork, my wonderings were stirred even more deeply.

When we survive a trauma, are our souls wounded?  What does the wound site look like? What does it look like when it's healed?  Is the soul forever scarred or is the wound absorbed inwardly?  Outwardly?

Such questions with no answers.

Only more questions but an inkling of a knowing. 

Sometimes I just feel as if I can see my soul if I'm quiet enough.

Can you?

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