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What inspires you?  What speaks to you?  How are you TMI'ed (touched moved and inspired)? One piece of creativity or art may speak and inspire to the soul of someone, but may not speak deeply at all to another.

As an artist, it's always interesting to see how people are inspired--what touches and moves them. This piece touched me, but would it inspire anyone 'out there'. That's always the burning question even if, as artists, we pretend it doesn't bother us.

I say 'out there' because until a work is released it safely rests in the comfort zone of me. Anywhere beyond the walls of the inner workings of my mad scientist studio is 'out there'.  It's always a bit like stage fright to send the work out into the world.

Well, it just so happens that this limited edition print literally called to my good friend Beth. She saw 'Freedom' pass through her feed and knew that she instantly knew she would design the mood and colors of her vlogging room around this print.  

That's what TMI's me the most...when my work TMI's someone 'out there'.  It's always amazing to sell a print, but the biggest reward is in the energy and inspiration my work creates.

Please let me know what TMI's you.  Not necessarily my work, but what touched moves and inspires you in life?

In gratitude, Jim


PS...More to come later as I'll get a pic of 'Freedom' after she's hung. If you're interested in 'Freedom' right now, please message me through the contact form as she;s not up yet.  Thank you!



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