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How to Inspire

Inspiration Sees as Inspiration Does.  What does this mean?

Well, do you ever feel like you just can't get inspired?  It's like nothing can touch you to move you to be happy, productive and/or creative?  Like you're dulled around the edges?

We all have these days (or weeks or whatever length!) but I've been thinking that inspiration is a two-way street.  There may be a way for you to lift yourself out of your rut.

I kind of think it goes like this: If I allow myself to be inspired, then I'm able to inspire others. And on the flip side, if I'm inspiring others then I will be more apt to choose to be inspired in return.

It's kind of cool circle that can lift, lift, lift our lives.  The more I'm open to seeing your creativity, open to reveling in your beauty, to seeing your genius--the more I'm open to being inspired by you--the possibility of me being more outwardly inspirational in my life shows up for me.  And, in turn, the more I'm choosing to inspire others through my work, my life and way of being the more I become open to be inspired by you.

It's like an inspirational awakening.  It's a natural path to peace and joy perhaps. Is this how it works for you? What do you think?  


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