Healing is Art (Art is Healing)


Sometimes I'm so surprised when I see an artwork that I've worked on and then for whatever reason I stop creating it.This work I even forgot about and found it as I was perusing through files the other day. (And I am drawn to it again!)

Why did I stop?  (Why do we stop anything in our lives?) 

Most of the time I think it's out of frustration--like I get impatient and can't 'make' the piece do what I want it to.  (Have you ever had this feeling?)

That's hilarious, because all of my art is born out of my grief and healing journey--so I know like in healing there's never 'making' any of my pieces do anything. 

Like growing and transforming, art emerges as we coax, allow, and feel fully. Art shows itself to us.  Plans for art, like in life, rarely work out the way you think they're supposed to!

Here's to creating while healing and healing while creating.

To all of us (and that's ALL of us) who are doing the very best we can and leaning into healing...



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