A Note About Beauty (Especially Now During Uncertain Times)

I wondered during the first several months of our shut down whether or not I would pursue my art.  As with you, I had many, many complicated and overwhelming life factors to work out.  I didn't have the energy or inclination to create with all that was happening.  Clients were uncertain about bookings, we were wondering about how much to go out, older parents were completely locked down and our children's lives were drastically altered.

But as I slowly emerged from the initial fog of the trauma of all of this, I returned to the studio...and thankfully to my art.  It was immediately my release...and continues to be so.  I mean I've always, always loved creating but this time it's been different....more concrete, more pure...more necessary.  I am so very grateful to be able to create and for the first time it really has been my healer.

I've also realized that beauty matters.  Beauty is more important now than ever.  As we navigate the uncertainty of these times and the tumultuous nature of our country's personal climate, beauty is necessary.  I believe more now than ever that beauty is the anecdote to pain, to trauma, to uncertainty.  That is why I have chosen to create even more prolifically...for me...but more for you, the world and the world's healing.


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